smarter way to book a car

During trips often I need to book a car, I don’t care about rental insurance because I have it with My American Platinum Card.

For quick rentals I use which company have offen protions for 50-60% off promotion for rentals up to 48h.

For rentals over 2 days I use Friend ask me for help with rental at LHR for 5 days so I fill out quote request and in few minutes You will receive email with link to offers.

54 USD for 5 days rental is not bad, but when I click in link I got this:

Its amazing offer just under 5 USD per day, this companies put cheap rates on internet and trying to earn extra money offering You own insurance. Good for my friend what he have Amex Platnium Card and he choose Ford Focus for 28USD, this booking he can cancel for free. But this rate only is for mileage up to 95 freemiles, after they will charge 0.18GBP per mile! You should always read terms…..

In past I used to rent car in Berlin and get this quote for cheapest car with Hertz

Pick-up: Wed, August 08, 2018 – 10:00 AM
Drop-off:Thu, August 16, 2018 – 10:00 AM
EUR 92.25
plus 25Euro CROSS BORDER FEE I drove with this car to Poland and backĀ 

I got new Fiesta RS due Presidential Circle status with Hertz. It was great car but I damaged 2 front allow wheels and had to pay extra 474 Euro which was refunded later by American Express Rental Insurance. Keep in mind if rent a car it better to have full insurance.

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