Star Alliance – points sharing

Few programs in Star Alliance Group allow You to earn miles when family or friends travel, You can keep points in shared account and earn enough miles for redemption ticket quicker.

SAS Eurobonus point sharing

You can start pooling miles at any time with Eurobonus , where up to 8 family members or friends can collect miles together. It’s very good program especially for families with kids because redemption for kids under 12(toddlers doesn’t require miles for tickets) require only 50% miles then flying on SAS. Redemption tickets with partners require 100% miles.

Return long haul Adult Kids under * years
18 12 2 (toddlers)
Economy Go 60000 60000 30000 0
Economy Plus 80000 80000 40000 0
Business 100000 100000 50000 0

For family 2+2(under 12) You will need only 300000 miles for return business ticket from Europe to USA,Japan,China its amazing opportunity. You can also book one-ways which require 60% miles, so one way business ticket for family 2+2 will require 180000 miles.

Lufthansa Miles & More

Miles & More members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can also share miles this function is available only in Miles and More App on your phone. 2 Adults and up to 5 kids can share miles. Lufthansa also offer for under 12 Years old but its 75% miles for redemption flight.

Aegean Miles + Bonus

Only Silver or Gold members can open Together account which allow to up to 6 people share miles. The best thing is if You only need 5000 more miles for reward You can sign 5 friends and each of them will receive 1000 miles bonus for registration. After 12 months You can remove member from Your account but You will keep all his award miles! And again You can sign in another friends to Your account and took their miles…

Together account works almost like free transfer opportunity but remember You must hold at least Silver status with Aegean to do it. Other thing is what Aegean program is the quickies way to reach Star Alliance Gold card. You will need 24000 miles to reach silver (1000 miles is from registration, If you will took 2 legs on Aegean miles requirement for silver will be only 12000 points in 12 months. After reaching silver you will need 48000 miles in next 12 months to get Gold card, but if You will fly 4 legs with Aegean You will only require 24000 Star alliance miles.

To keep Gold car You will require 4 legs on Aegean and only 12000 miles or 24000 miles without 4 flights on Aegean. I keeping my status doing 3-4 trips between LHR-WAW each return trip cost me around 120GBP.

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