Your miles will expire what You can do to “cash it”

We collect miles but sometimes they will expire before we can chance to use them for flights. Some programs giving solutions other way, for shopping credit.

Etihad – you can convert your points into virtual Visa card

Step 1 – Getting started
Download the Reward Card app or widget and sign up to create your free account.
Step 2 – Converting miles to cash
Enter your Etihad Guest number. Then follow the simple instructions to turn your miles into cash.
Step 3 – Start shopping
That’s it. Your Reward Card is now ready to use!

Miles and More – Lufthansa Group convert 3000 miles into 10Euro voucher

Choose your voucher.
Put your voucher in the shopping cart.
After redeeming the miles you will receive your voucher by e-mail
The voucher can be redeemed immediately after receipt in the online shop or in the branch of the provider

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