transfercar – take advantage of free rental car…

Thinking about holidays with family and You don’t want to stay a hotels but feel free and for free…You can in Australia,New Zealand or USA.

I just started planing holiday in Australia and found transfercar which I read before. Generally it website which allow You rent for free car with catch, You must transfer car from one city to another. What about 2000km across east Australia coastline in 13 days….Yes it adventurous and can be life time trip.,,

Allow You to book a car for almost free, You have to pay insurance but if You have Amex Platnium card, when You have already insurance. If You stack in Sydney and have to go to Melbourne last minute it can be costly without miles, but now You can drive there, good for families as well because you can visit on the way some tourists spots. You also had to pay deposit and if You cancel you had to pay some compensation for no show.

Sometimes you have even free petrol, toll and some expenses covered by rental company. But generally its for last minute adventures, because You can book car up to one month ahead. So if You are flexible this is very good offer, I wonder how my family will react for this….

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